Check Out Top 11 Laptop Accessories that Make your Laptop more Useful

Looking for a laptop accessory that will protect your Laptop and make it more usefull here is alist of products that are more usefull to you.

11 Laptop Accessories that’ll Make your Laptop more Useful:

Wireless Keyboard, Mouse:

Laptop touchpad’s and keyboards are not comfortable as mouse and external keyboard respectively. But connecting a wired mouse and keyboard look very complex, full of wires.. This results in necessity of wireless mouse and keyboard. They are very comfortable to use. For instance Logitech MK215 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo (Rs. 1250/-).


External Hard Drive:

External Hard Drives are the secondary storage devices which can accumulate an incredible amount of data. These are generally used to store backup’s of your important files such as software’s, photos, videos, Course materials, project work and more.. The Seagate Backup Plus Slim 1TB Portable External Hard Drive with Mobile Device Backup is available at Rs. 4664/-. It contains Super speed USB 3.0 port backward compatible with USB 2.0 port. You also get password protection and encryption, as well as an automatic-backup feature.


USB Hub:

Any laptop can have maximum of 3 usb ports which are not enough. A USB hub is a device which provide few more additional usb ports but uses only single usb port of laptop, thus we can connect a lot of Devices to laptop.USB hub is also termed as usb splitter. Transcend TS-HUB3K USB 3.0 4-port Hub (Rs. 1875/-) is having 3 USB 3.0, 1 Downstream USB 3.0, 1 Powered USB Downstream, 1 Power USB Upstream – External USB 3.0.

Port Replicator:

Instead of plugging and unplugging peripherals every time you enter or leave your workspace with your laptop, use a port replicator or docking station and make it a one-cord operation. The port replicator such as Lenovo ThinkPad Advanced Mini-Dock Port Replicator (Rs. 4412/-) has 4 USB 2.0 Ports, VGA Ports, Serial Ports, Wlan.


Laptop Cooling Pad:

Laptops usually get hot while running multiple applications. In such case, you need a cooling pad. Cooling pad cools the laptop, prevents overheating and thereby extends the Laptop’s lifespan. Portonics My Buddy + POR 704 Laptop Cooling Table (Rs.1400/-) is a combination of both cooling pad and table.


USB Light:

There may be some situation where we have to work on Laptop at late night. Tuning on light in room may disturb your roommates, in this kind of situations USB light is greatly useful for better visibility of Laptop Keys and easy typing in the dark. This product is inexpensive, Portable, flexible and can be useful very much during night.


External Speakers:

Most of the laptop speakers are not audible.  Especially those who love to listen music all the time may prefer a complete 5.1 channel sound system, but that is not portable. However, a compact speaker such as the Philips SPA25A/94 Laptop/Desktop Speaker (Rs. 450/-). Just plug it to boost your laptop’s audio volume.


Laptop Cable Lock:

This is the smart way to secure your laptop whenever you go away from laptop. Targus Defcon CL Laptop Cable Lock PA410B (Rs. 2060/-) is Cut Resistant, Galvanizsed Steel Core cable. It is portable, and allows you to set your own 4 digit password combination.


Surge Protector and Power Strip:

If you have a single power socket in your room then where will you plug in all of your electronics??? To overcome this situation, you need a power strip that can accommodate bulky power adapters.Make sure that the power strip is equipped with a surge and spike protector which limits the voltage supplied to the device by storing the excess power and releasing it gradually. It ensures the devices connected to it are safe to use everytime.


TV-Tuner Card:

You can’t study/work all the time. You can watch and record programs with a TV-tuner such as iBall Claro CTV27 TV Tuner Card (Rs.1600/-). Plug in the vga chord into your laptop to access cable TV.


Pen drive:

Pen drives are used to share data from one computer to another, they also used to store multimedia files and can be connected to electronic devices such as TV’s, DVD players, Computers. We can also connect pen drive to Smartphone using otg cable. They are available with a storage capacity ranging from 2 GB to 512GB and more.  For instance, a SanDisk Ultra USB 3.0 Flash Drive 16GB costs around Rs.500/-.


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